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Welcome to the CSAA blog.  To keep your inbox from getting so much email we are going to collect a series of articles and send them out on a periodic basis through the CSAA site's blog. 

We've also added a new tab to the CSAA website ( called Subscriptions.  Go to this page and sign up for a number of periodicals that we will no longer be forwarding to your inbox.  There will be exceptions but we are doing our best to minimize the amount of email  the CSAA sends out. 

Here is the first set of articles, including a series of steps that have been taken to support our Veterans who have, or need, a service dog.

Housing project for hard-core homeless pays off.

A study of homeless adults housed by L.A. County's Project 50 suggests providing permanent housing to vulnerable populations saves local governments money. –,0,5536032.story   

Mental Health First Aid; how to incorporate in our communities

Service Dogs & Veteransa favorite cause of mine.  Matt Kuntz, Executive Director or NAMI Montana has taken the charge as well.

Here is the petition that got us started:

Below is the press we're getting.

USA Today has a great article on our Service Dog fight.  I think we’re well on our way to making life a little better for soldiers with severe PTSD and TBI.  ~Matt Kuntz –

If you're willing, please sign the petition and/or call your Congressmen and Representatives.

Until we have another batch of news to share,



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