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Hi Gang, 

Hope everyone wintered well and is anxious to make this year's event the biggest and best in our history of providing help for the veterans of North Central Montana.

The first meeting is set for 1:00 PM this coming Friday, April 20th, in the McFadden Multipurpose Room in the basement at the Center For Mental Health. Due to scheduling problems, the meetings this year will move around "date wise and day wise," so pay close attention to the schedule printed on the first meeting agenda so you will be able to mark your calendars accurately. 

We at VETS4VETS are very grateful to all those who have been with us for any or all of the incredible events we've done to this date. We look forward to seeing all the smiling faces this next Friday.

Thank you,


Rodger, Billy, and Wally of VETS4VETS

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